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04 June 2010 @ 03:04 pm
Hi everyone!  Welcome to Avalon Awaits!    Please read this post to acquaint yourself with the guidelines, then move on to our Welcome Meme post to introduce yourself and join the opening party!

Your maintainers and moderators are
luckytohaveher    pizzazzical    and a_boleyn1230 

About the Comm

It's a big fandom, but the amount of people whose OTP is Arthur/Morgana has dwindled.  It's understandable due to the mess that was S2.  There are a lot of multi-shippers within this fandom, which is great, but those of us who ship Arthur and Morgana exclusively need a safe place to reminisce about S1, rant about what should have been, speculate about S3, or even discuss the legends.  Hence the title - Avalon Awaits, because we know that in the end, it's Morgana/Morgan/Morgaine who will be there for Arthur. 

You must be a member of the community to view entries.  This measure is to try to prevent any drama or fandom wank. 

We have some ideas for fun activities so all members can be involved.  More info will be coming shortly.  If you have questions, concerns, or even a suggestion, drop us a line at the Page-A-Mod.  Your comment will be screened, and thus only visible to you and the maintainers. 


I hate to use the word "rules", because this is supposed to be fun and casual.  So just consider these tips to help keep everything running smoothly around here.  Overall, please just be respectful to each other.

 ▪ Please post picspams or large photos behind a cut.  Thumbnail previews are great.

▪ Note regarding icon posts:  Because it's frustrating to have a community flooded with icon posts, we ask that you only post icons when posting additional AMor fan art, such as fan mixes or wallpapers.  This is to prevent a stream of posts that contain two AMor icons and eighty Twilight/HP/Glee/etc icons.

▪ Spoilers should be placed behind a cut, with proper warning.

▪ Please use appropriate tags for your posts.

▪ When posting photos from events/filming/etc, please credit the source.

▪ When you compose a post to the community, please make sure it is set to "Members only" (the default setting). 

▪ RE: discussion of other pairings.  Critique of or ranting about the relationships and the show's handling of them IS ALLOWED, so as long as it is done without bashing the actors themselves. 

▪  Don't feed trolls (in other words, if someone posts wank just to stir trouble, IGNORE it).  Report them instead. 

Questions?  Page a Mod

Thank you!  Now it's your turn to say hello...  click here to participate in the Welcome Meme
04 June 2010 @ 08:58 am
We are affiliates with the following communities:

merlintherapy  - for surviving the brutally long hiatus!

bradleykatie  - everything Katie McGrath and Bradley James

morganafay  - all about our lady Morgana

Want to be an affiliate of avalon_awaits ?   Please leave a comment with the name of your comm here!