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Because they will have eternity.

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an Arthur/Morgana OTP community
welcome Welcome to Avalon_awaits, your OTP shipper source for Arthur/Morgana from the BBC series Merlin.

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Upon joining, please review the full guidelines here. Then make your way over to the welcome meme and introduce yourself.

Although the goal is to keep things around here laid-back, there are a few guidelines we ask everyone to follow. Please be aware that this is an OTP community for the most obsessed dedicated fans. If you are a casual or poly-shipper, we recommend herchampion.

Yes: Discussion of current and past episodes. Links to news/interviews. Pics. Spoilers (with proper warning & behind a cut). Fics. Fan art (see rules for more info). Squeeing and flailing. Ranting.

No: Being nasty to fellow posters. Drama. Bashing of actors.

Enjoy! Any questions? Just ask!

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